Don Asbee,
Metal Artist, Hartsburg, Missouri

Don Asbee in his workshop
Don Asbee

Born and educated in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, but trained as a blacksmith in Montana and a welder/fabricator in Missouri, Don has worked creatively in metal since 1972. In the early 1970’s, Don enjoyed blacksmithing and horseshoeing as a “back-to-the-basics” occupation in Bland, Missouri. In his studio there, he created custom woodstoves, fire tools, gates and fences for clients throughout the state. During the last 15 years, however, he gradually has changed the emphasis of his forgework from strictly functional to chiefly sculptural and architectural forms. Don’s background in forgework and welding provided the framework from which his art has emerged.

His sculptures and architectural metalwork may be seen statewide in the homes and on the grounds of many private clients. He’s also created pieces for such clients as the Kellogg Company in Battle Creek, Michigan; the St. Louis Zoo; Hermanhof and Stonehill wineries in Hermann, Missouri; Schneithorst Restaurant in St. Louis; Casualty Indemnity Insurance Company in Jefferson City, Missouri; Trinity Episcopol Church in St. Charles, Missouri; the Newman Center in Columbia, Missouri; and the National Air and Space Museum at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

Under the sponsorship of the Mid America Arts Alliance, his work is being shown throughout the country in “Earth, Fire and Water: Contemporary Forged Metal,” a two-year traveling exhibit. As a past vice president of the Blacksmith Association of Missouri, and as a member of the Artist-Blacksmith Association of North America, Don has enhanced his skills through workshops, conferences and symposiums.

His studio is located in a rustic setting near Hartsburg, Missouri, where he designs and crafts custom, commissioned pieces. Next time you’re near Hartsburg, please stop by. Also, keep an eye out for his ironwork throughout the state.

Artist’s Statement

My background in forgework and welding provided the framework from which my art has emerged.

I have been working creatively in metal since 1972. My early works were primarily functional pieces, with an emphasis on the “form follows function” concept.

However, during the past two decades, I have discovered–with increasing ease–the means to draw upon an inner spiritual energy. This is expressed in both my sculptural and architectural forms.

I have come to believe that the creative process best expresses itself on an emotional, as well as physical level. The resulting sculptural forms are the emotional bridge and essential connection between the artists and those experiencing the art.



Boone Hospital Center, Columbia Missouri. Dogwood wall sculpture, forged steel.

Tom and Anne Smith, Columbia Missouri. Courtyard entry gates, forged steel.

Pat and Lisa Mooney, Webster Grove, Missouri. Coctail table, forged steel.


Gorman – Borts Residence, Clayton Missouri. Bird in the Kitchen  baker’s rack, forged steel.

National Biodeisel Board, Jefferson City Missouri. Algenisis Revisited  wall sculpture, recycled, forged wrought iron, recycled travertine.

Doug Bean, Annapolis Maryland. Navy Times retirement clock, forged steel.

Spears Residence, Jefferson City Missouri. Oakmont Revisited balcony railing, forged steel.

Ballinger Residence, Ladue Missouri. Estate garden gates, forged steel.


Hollo Residence, Ladue Missouri. Tall entry lamps and replicated period exterior lamps. Forged steel and copper.

Twehouse Residence, Jefferson City Missouri. Truss hardware and tension rods, forged steel.

Toft – Ketterer Residence, Ladue Missouri. Chandeliers, sconces and firescreen, forged steel.


Peggy Kobusch, St. Louis, Missouri. Spider  Fountain, forged copper.

Frank and Penny McGowan, Flowery Branch, Georgia. Calla  garden fountain, forged copper

Mooney Residence, St Louis Missouri. Two arched gallery grills, forged steel.

Kabler Residence, Columbia Missouri. Courtyard gate and railing, forged steel.


Pat and Marsha Dubbert, Jefferson City Missouri, Stairway and foyer railings, forged steel.

City of Columbia, Missouri, Wabash 808, sculpture for city transit station,forged steel.


Travis and Rachel Brown, Columbia, Missouri. Driveway entry gates, forged and fabricated steel.

Martin Goebel, St. Louis,Missouri. Forged steel chaiselounge.

Lauren Markow, St. Louis, Missouri. In a Hearthbeat, Firescreen, forged steel and copper.


Skip and Dasisy Grossnickle, Columbia, Missouri. Balcony railings, forged steel.

Unity Center, Columbia, Missouri, Dove of Peace, exterior wall sculpture, stainless and mild steel.


Stephen and Michele Trulaske , St. Louis, Missouri. Woodlands Arch, Assorted Exterior Lamps, forged steel.

Chuck and Nanette Weber,  Jefferson City, Missouri.  Floral Window Sculpture, forged steel.

Matt and Beni Jaro, Gaithersburg, Maryland.  Kitchen Range Hood, forged and fabricated steel.

Skip and Dasisy Grossnickle, Columbia, Missouri.  Dining Room Gate, forged steel.


Smithsonian Kite Exhibit, Washington, D.C., “Kite” Finalist.  Festival Competition, copper and steel.

Phyllis Terminstein, St. Louis, Missouri. Crept Volante  Fountain Sculpture, forged copper and stainless. Arbor, forged steel.

Stephen and Michelle Trulaske, St. Louis, Missouri. Courtyard Gate, forged steel.  Kitchen Range Hood, forged and fabricated steel.


James Schniethorst , St. Louis, Missouri. Cocktail tables, forged steel & glass.

Peggy Kobusch, St. Louis, Missouri. Fire screen, Interior bi-fold gate, forged steel.

C.L. Richardson, Ashland Missouri. Bluegrass South  signage, forged steel.


Bud and Sandy Farmer, Jefferson City, Missouri. Pineapple window sculpture, forged steel

Chuck Lay, Columbia, Missouri. Fireplace Hood, forged copper

Larry and Carole Bader, Columbia, Missouri. Turnbull  forged steel sculpture.

Laren And Donna Haslag, Loose Creek, Missouri. Prairie Hunt  forged steel sculpture.

Kary Matthews, St. Louis, Missouri. Dogwood Gates and estate fencing, forged steel.

Frank and Penny McGowan, Flowery Branch, Georgia. Dogwood  newel post and stair railing, forged steel.

Stephen and Michele Trulaske, St. Louis, Missouri. Boat House Range Hood, forged steel

Boone County National Bank, Columbia, Missouri. “Heron” forged steel sculpture.

Peggy Kobusch, St. Louis, Missouri. Stair Railing, Chandelier, forged steel.


Laren and Donna Haslag, Loose Creek, Missouri. “Pheasant” Firescreen, forged steel.

Senator Jack and Mrs. Danforth, St. Louis, Missouri. “Gymnastique” forged copper sculpture.

Stephen and Michele Trulaske, St. Louis Missouri. Wineglass Chandelier, forged steel.

Doug and Julie Muhlman, St. Louis, Missouri. Chandelier, cocktail table, forged steel.

Dr. Ken Rowan, Jefferson City, Missouri. Dogwood  newel and stair railing, forged steel.

Buddy and Sandy Farmer, Jefferson City, Missouri. Chandelier, forged steel &slumped glass.


D.V. and Martha Anne Claiborne, Jefferson City, Missouri. Firescreen & Chimney Cap.

Jones, Schneider & Bartlett Law Offices, Columbia, Missouri. Gates and Fencing, forged steel.

Buddy and Sandy Farmer, Jefferson City, Missouri. Stair Railing, forged steel.

Stephen and Michele Trulaske, St Louis, Missouri. Range Hood, forged steel.

Dr. Larry and Carole Bader, Columbia, Missouri. Cocktail Table, forged steel.

Robin Armbruster, Columbia Missouri, Fountain, stainless steel and ceramic.


Randy and Fiona Woods, St. Louis, Missouri. Dead Goose  weathervane, copper, steel.

Trinity Episcopal Church, St. Charles Missouri. Hymn of Creation  wall sculpture,  forged steel.

Robin Armbruster, Columbia, Missouri. Front Door, stainless, copper, Cattail Mailbox, steel


Senator and Mrs. John Danforth, Rolla, Missouri. Ranch gate

Stone Hill Winery, Hermann, Missouri. Railings, chandelier

Peggy Kobusch Residence, St. Louis, Missouri. Gate, grillwork,coffee table, fire screen, vaulted ceiling arches set in wood trusses


Datastorm Technologies Inc., Columbia, Missouri. Orby Icon, forged steel sculpture

Schneithorst’s Restaurant, St. Louis, Missouri. Light fixtures, door pulls, archways


Senator and Mrs. John Danforth, St. Louis, Missouri. Sculpture, stair railing, parrot door knocker, door hardware

Trinity Episcopal Church, St. Charles, Missouri. Forged steel crosses

Newman Center, Columbia, Missouri. Cross, 30-foot stainless steel

Ellis Fischel Hospital, University of Missouri, Columbia. Grill for 52-foot window well, forged steel


Drs. Greenberg-Parks Residence, Columbia, Missouri. Fireplace doors and coffee table, forged steel


Casualty Indemnity Exchange, Jefferson City, Missouri. Gates, railings, sculpture

St. Andrews Lutheran Church, Columbia, Missouri. Outdoor Sculpture


United Church of Christ, Hartsburg, Missouri. Exterior cross sculpture, steeple cross

Leslie Waldheim Residence, St. Louis, Missouri. Copper weathervane, seven-foot pterodactyl; dragon fire-screen

Les Bourgeois Winery and vineyards, Rocheport, Missouri. Fireplace screen, decorative gate, tables and chairs

Boone Tavern, Columbia, Missouri. Gazebo sign

St. Louis Zoo,St. Louis, Missouri. Jungle of the Apes sign

Wesley United Methodist Church, Jefferson City, Missouri. Sanctuary, exterior and baptismal crosses


National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institute,Washington, D.C. Leaf and stem ornamentation for restaurant signage


Hermanhof Winery and Festhalle,Hermann, Missouri. Gates, railing


William Klinger InnHermann, Missouri. Decorative fence and gates


Kellog Company Building, Battle Creek, Michigan. Six forged steel servery signs


McElroy Residence, Jefferson City, Missouri. Fireplace/furnace